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  • How soon can we receive our order?
    We understand the high importance of ‘in hands dates’, as this is the first piece of information we view on an order to ensure we can guarantee on-time delivery. With each order that has an event date, we will provide an Order Deadline to be sure all items in the order can arrive before the event date. For each order that does not have an event date, we will still provide a production and transit time. As a follow up service, we will provide you with the tracking numbers as they become available from the shipping outlets, so they can rest assured all items are on schedule. In short, some items can be shipped overnight, while others may take a few days.
  • What is the production time?
    Not all promotional items have the same production or transit time. A standard production time is 5-7 days, but can be as short as 24 hours or even range from 10-20 days for some items. Transit time can also vary, but we do work with our warehouses across the country to help reduce very long shipping times cross-country. Standard transit time is 2-5 business days. Again, we are very transparent regarding how long each item will take to arrive to the property once the order is approved, and will provide an Order Deadline or the production/transit time for each item, depending on the specific order circumstance. We do have a large set of items that can be rushed in 24 hours – many for no additional charges!
  • How does WHP have lower prices than competitors?
    We work closely with our manufacturing partners to be able to extend the best possible price. We are one of the top providers to our niche in the industry, which means we buy a LOT of product. Due to the quantities we buy, we get the best pricing out there! We guarantee that our prices are the lowest in the industry, when comparing apples-to-apples. If in any case you find one of our exact products offered at a lower price by a retail competitor, we will beat it. We require an official quote from the competitor showing the Grand Total including shipping, taxes, etc.

I just submitted a design request. What happens now?

Our team of designers will review your submission and make sure we have everything we need from you to get the job done! If we need more information, we’ll be in touch via e-mail. If not, you will receive an invitation via e-mail to review the first draft of your artwork. WHP uses software called ReviewStudio to manage this process.


IMPORTANT! Please add to your address book so that our email invitations to review your proofs don’t get caught in your spam filter!

When can I expect to see my first proof?

For standard requests: You will receive a ReviewStudio invitation within 2-4 business days with a link to the first draft of your artwork.

For RUSH requests: If your RUSH request was placed before 11am on a business day, you will get a first draft of your artwork by the end of the business day. If your RUSH request was placed after 11am, you’ll receive your artwork by end of next business day.

How do I request changes on my artwork?

You can use ReviewStudio to leave comments and mark up your proof. Once you are done making edits, click “Approve: No” at the top of your screen to submit them to our team. If you have no changes, click “Approve: Yes” and the design team will finalize your artwork and send it on to the next stage of production.

Help! I don't know how to use ReviewStudio!

If you have trouble annotating WHP proofs on ReviewStudio, please refer to their guide located here.

Please avoid making edits via e-mail if possible. ReviewStudio ensures that all of our designers receive your feedback immediately, so you can get a new proof back as quickly as possible!

How do I attach photos and other files to my ReviewStudio proof?

When you make a comment and click “add,” a paper clip icon will appear beneath your text. Click it to add as many attachments as you need! You may also e-mail attachments to

Still confused? The animation above will show you how it’s done!


After I’ve made my edit and clicked “Approve: No,” when will I receive a new proof?

Please allow 24 hours for revisions and edits.

The photos on my proof look blurry!

WHP uses low-resolution images to keep the file sizes smaller and the upload/ download times shorter. The final files will print clear and sharp. If there is a problem with an image, or if the supplied files are not high enough resolution, we will put a note on the proof letting you know!

What should I include with my design request?

Nobody knows your project like you! That’s why we’re relying on you to provide the information that needs to be included in the final artwork. Please send us all photos, contact info, and any exact verbiage that needs to be included through the Ordering Hub. If any files are too large, you can also e-mail them to the design team at

How can I reduce turn-around time on my request?

 • Include all the text, photos, and information needed in your request.

 • Double check that everything is accurate and complete before submission.

 • Examine your proof carefully for errors or incorrect info. Reduce proofing time by making all your edits in one go.

 • Instead of writing and scanning information, type it! This will allow us to copy and paste and reduce the risk of errors.

 • Make sure your photos are high resolution.

 • Have a sample of what you want your artwork to look like? Attach it to your request so we can be on the same page!

 • Do you have more than one person who needs to approve the design? Let us know and we can invite them.

 • Are you buying ad space? Please make sure you obtain accurate dimensions from the publication or vendor. Resizing artwork will add time to your project.

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