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What’s Happening Promotions is a promotional product distributor and full-service design studio.  Promotional products, also known as ad specialties, make up a nearly $17 billion dollar industry and are used by virtually every business in America. Why? Items like mugs, pens and t-shirts are memorable and provide a better cost per impression than most advertising options!  We are able to supply your company with every possible promotional product available, all with amazing design.


Two decades ago, as a Publications company, WHP saw a need for comprehensive suppliers for promotional products.  Stories of vendors providing subpar product, missing event dates, or without design teams sparked an interest to fill the gap.  The Promotional Division was formed to offer comprehensive, professional (but fun!), efficient, and creative services to our clients, and was built around their processes and workflow to provide seamless interactions and flexibility.



We service a wide range of clients, from national brands to boutique organizations and assist with a broad scope of creative needs from digital design to postcards, from uniforming guides and apparel, spanning any branded product you can imagine.  We amplify brands and in some cases, actually assist in creating and curating a brand to be sure all touch points are aligned. Our innovative ideas, inspiring content and integrated design campaigns flourish in all media channels, but our specialty really is placing your brand in the hands of your clients, residents, team members, and customers.




Our mission statement encompasses who we are at our core:


We believe producing outstanding work comes from the ability to discern how a company’s customers feel and behave, and aligning ourselves with this creates long lasting relationships that foster excitement.  From seeing our phone number on caller ID, our name in your inbox, or our faces on a video conference, we always want to elicit a smile and a sense of, “What awesome idea is WHP going to have for me today?”.  Your brand becomes our brand, and that makes us excited too!


Our HQ resides in sunny Gainesville, FL (The Swamp!), but we are fortunate to have team members in satellite locations across the country.  Luckily, our geography does not limit our capabilities, as we have fully embraced the digital age with our order process, so continue to empower relationships nationwide.  Our printing and manufacturing partners are also located across the globe, so our wide network allows us to fulfill any project requirement from the very basic to most custom.

Want to make it a little more personal?  Check out our Team Member Profiles Here

Who Are We?

Where Did We Come From?

What Do We Do?

Why Do We Do It?


Where Is WHP?

The What's Happening Way

Examples of common industry challenges and how we’ve solved them


Challenge 1

Inexperienced Reps who don’t understand the items they are selling.  Sometimes I don’t even have a dedicated rep!

How We Solved It: Dedicated Knowledgeable Consultants: Your Dedicated WHP Consultant learns your brand and preferences in order to align within your workflow and suggest appropriate products.  We are not only trained in the promotional industry, but in the apartment industry as well, so we can offer suggestions to best represent your brand in any season.


Challenge 2

I don’t know what stage my project is in, or what I’m supposed to do next.


How We Solved It:

Streamlined Order Process: From idea generation to quoting, through design and order fulfillment- you’ll know exactly what will happen next, and can expect to move through the process quickly with updates along the way.  No more wondering where your project is in the pipeline, or who you’ll hear from next.


Challenge 3

I don’t have a design team to create artwork, but I can’t find a designer to understand my vision that I can afford and actually get back to me quickly.


How We Solved It: Experienced Design Team:  Our Designers are also trained to act quickly and can generate artwork from simple to extravagant in unheard of speed.  We know the questions to ask to reduce revisions so that your vision is created with as little back and forth as possible to get the project into production quickly.


Challenge 4

I have a small budget.  Plus, I think the pricing I’m currently receiving is fine.

How We Solved It:

Competitive Pricing:  Our manufacturing partners have been with us for two decades, meaning we’ve formed lasting relationships to reduce costs. We are happy to complete an ‘Apples to Apples’ price comparison to be sure – no matter who you order from – you’re getting the best deal!


Challenge 5

I need products quickly, and have had issues with my orders not arriving on time for my event.

How We Solved It:

Fast & Reliable Delivery: WHP is timeline focused- we base each project schedule around the date YOU need your order! We provide an Order Deadline for your final approval at the same time we provide your Estimate, along with several other checkpoints along the way to ensure your project moves through production in the appropriate time frame. 


Challenge 6

We welcome you to share any of your issues with other suppliers so we can tell you how we will provide a solution!


We Will Solve It! 

We look forward to telling you how WHP can solve your issue and include it on this page.

Allison Park, VP of Marketing, Asset Living

I’ve personally been working with the WHP team for over 6 years and they always do a great job.  They are efficient, helpful, and reliable!  There hasn’t been any item they haven’t been able to get for me, no matter how random the request!  

Our Order Process was created with our clients’ needs at the center.  We are timeline focused, and while transparent about what we need from you and next steps, we’re as concise as can be to present information clearly and quickly. You’ll know exactly what we need from you and when we need it, so you can devote more time to the other 47 boxes on your to do list.  Your Consultant is with you from brainstorming through delivery, so they know your project’s details and you always know who to check in with.

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