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Four Promotional Products That Will Make a Lasting Impression

Are you looking for the perfect promotional products to help your business or property stand out? Look no further than What’s Happening Promotions! Here are four great products that are sure to make a lasting impression.

First up is our Explorer Belt/Sling Bag. This compact and stylish bag is perfect for busy adventurers who need a reliable and secure way to carry their essentials. Made with durable Nylon Twill, it keeps your cards, cash, and phone safe and dry no matter where your exploration takes you. Say goodbye to bulky backpacks and purses, and get ready to explore with confidence and ease.

Next is our 11 Oz. Classic Reveal Coffee Mug. This unique mug features xpressive ink that becomes transparent or disappears when hot liquid is added. The mug starts off as an opaque black color, but “reveals” a full-color imprint when filled with hot liquid. It’s microwave safe and hand-wash only, so you can enjoy your favorite hot drinks with ease.

Our Quick Dry Sand Proof Beach Towel is the perfect companion for your next day at the beach. Measuring 30″ x 60″, this microfiber polyester towel is designed to keep you comfortable and sand-free, so you can enjoy your day at the beach without worrying about sandy seats or towels. It even comes with an attached elastic strap to make it easy to carry and store. This promotional towel is an excellent choice for corporate giveaways, tradeshow giveaways, hotels, resorts, pool parties and more.

Last but not least is the Lemonade Pen. This fun and stylish writing tool features a soft touch ombre wrap in vibrant colors, making it a favorite among students, teachers, and office workers alike. Its fine point hybrid ink provides smooth and reliable writing, ensuring that your notes and messages come out looking their best. And with pricing starting at just $.74 each, it’s an affordable and effective way to add some fun to your everyday writing routine.

So why wait? Add these four great products to your promotional arsenal today and start making a lasting impression on your customers or future renters!

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