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How To Throw a Football Watch Party

A few weeks into the semester and you’re already tired of Waffle Wednesdays, Movie Mondays, and other pun-based resident events. Plus, last Wednesday’s waffles went stale because barely anyone showed up. You want to get your community engaged, but your residents only stop by the office when their toilet’s leaking.

Getting residents interested shouldn’t be that hard – and it doesn’t have to be. Tap into something that they’re already invested in, and all you’ll have to do is tell them when to show up. So take out your calendars and mark off your team’s next away game: You’re throwing a killer football watch party in the clubhouse.

Before we start, let’s evaluate where you’re holding your event. Clubhouses are great, with their open areas, built-in activities, and ample furniture. Having a big TV is a huge plus.

Make sure your clubhouse and office are ready for the event with table throws, banners, or even neon signs.

If your clubhouse is near your pool, consider propping open the doors during your event. Allowing easy access to the outside allows for more games, grilling, and maybe even a quick dip in the pool.

If your clubhouse is a bit lackluster, or your TV isn’t much to brag about, consider moving the whole party outside by projecting the game on a wall. Use tents to cover activity areas from the sun or rain, and keep your guests hydrated with custom coolers.

When hosting any event, you never want guests to even think of saying they’re bored. Keep everyone entertained with multiple activities, prizes, and good company.

Cornhole is a classic, with the added benefit of being able to get any two strangers talking. There’s also giant tic-tac-toe, ring toss, and plinko. Engaging activities are limitless, from team trivia to raffles to prize wheels.

The best kind of party is one that you can take home with you. Make sure to have resident prizes ready ahead of time, so they can remember the event afterwards.

You can give out prizes for winning activities and challenges, or hold raffles for limited supply items. Custom scratch-off cards are great when you know exactly how many of each item you have. Prize wheels, which we mentioned before, are great too!

Some popular party take-aways are custom t-shirts, coozies, and popsockets, but there are so many items to choose from.

So now you’ve got a killer party planned, but none of the guests have been invited. No worries, get yourself a flyer for the occasion, and maybe some social media graphics to match.

If you want to take your promotions up a notch, consider investing in doorhangers, bandit signs, or even a banner. Make sure residents know that this event is gonna be good – so good that they should bring one non-resident guest to see how great your property is.

So now that you’ve got the tips, here’s the plug: We can help you with all of this stuff! WHP creates great custom promo, event gear, flyers, and more. Reach out to us at if you’re new, and we’ll assign you a dedicated representative to take care of you, start to finish.

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