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Baby It’s Cold Outside This Decem-Burr!



By WHP   •   November 19, 2018

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner which means that it’s also the coldest time of the year as well. But don’t get cozy next to the fire just yet as there is still work to be done! Keep on turning heads this winter season and stay extra warm the help of What’s Happening Promotions Winter Apparel Guide!


While it might be fiction that we lose 80% of our body heat through our heads, it’s still important to stay insulated and retain our body heat! Wearing a beanie when the temperature starts to drop just makes sense and so does putting your logo on it! What’s Happening Promotions offers a wide variety of beanies that are sure to meet your branding needs as well as keep your clients and employees warm and stylish.

Need some recommendations? Looking for something trendy and cute? No problem, this Cable Knit Beanie With Faux Fur Pom is sure to be a crowd pleaser again this season! Or maybe your feeling more woodsy? Check out these Northwoods Pom Beanies – not only are they super cozy but they can be imprinted with up to 7 colors! Still not feeling it? Check out our links below for more beanies.

Stay stylish with these hand-selected beanies!


Let’s be real, when it comes to apparel it isn’t all about staying warm – we live in a style driven world! Winter is the perfect time of year to add a scarf to your outfit and promote your business in style. You can even match them with a custom beanie and create your own original set!

We offer a wide variety of scarves so whether you’re looking for a full color scarf or just something simple, we’ve got you covered! Check some of our favorites below or contact us so we can get you your own ASAP!

Roll up with some of our favorite scarves!


When it come to cold weather, keeping your appendages warm is of the utmost importance! Our bodies naturally direct most of our body heat toward our torso during cold weather so extremities like fingers are almost always affected by the cold first. So why not give the gift of warmth while promoting your business?

We offer all sorts of gloves from fingerless gloves to touch screen gloves and everything else in between! You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for your brand at WHP! Need some recommendations? Check out some of our favorites below or contact us for additional options!

Wait til you get your hands on theses!


Winter doesn’t mean your employees have to look like marshmallows in order to stay warm this winter. Having summer and winter apparel for your employees is a great way to show that you care about them as well as your brand’s image. At WHP, we offer a wide range of office apparel to suit any climate.

So whether you’re looking for cardigans for the ladies on staff or sweaters for everyone on site, we’ve got you covered! We’ve selected a couple of our best sellers below but you can always contact us if you had something else in mind.

It’s sweater weather ya’ll!


Staying indoors during low temperatures isn’t always an option. Jackets are a great element to add to any business and if you live somewhere where it likes to rain a lot in the winter, a windbreaker is the perfect piece of apparel! Not only do these jackets protect you from the wind chill and the rain, they come in many different styles.

So whether your looking for something sporty, like the Port Authority® Ladies Zephyr Reflective Hit Full-Zip Jacket, or something simple and classic, like the Nike V-Neck Wind Shirt, you sure to find the perfect fit!

Winter will be a breeze with one of these!


Who doesn’t love fleece? Anything fleece is bound to keep you warm and cozy no matter the time of year, so gifting a couple to your employees just makes sense, right? Fleece is super dynamic and comes in several different looks and feels that can be made to complement any branding!

Looking for something similar to a poncho? Check out the The North Face® Ladies Canyon Flats Stretch Poncho! Thinking something more simple? Try the Men’s Port Authority® R-Tek® Pro Fleece Full-Zip Jacket. Check below for more ideas or contact us for more options!

Fleece Navidad!


It’s safe to assume that your maintenance staff spends more time outside than any of your other employees, so give them jacket to fit their needs! These maintenance jackets are super tough and can last a life time, which makes them a great investment. Everyone knows someone that has an ancient, hardy jacket like this but it still looks great thanks to the great material!

We offer several different neutral colors and styles that are sure to match your branding and keep your maintenance staff extra toasty! Check out some of hand-picked options below or feel free to contact us for more!

Work, work, work, work, work!

Tis the season to stay warm and dare we say jolly, by using What’s Happening Promotions, your property will be sure to show just that – and in style, too!

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