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Business In Bloom


By WHP   •   March 1, 2018

Make your business bloom this rainy season by using What’s Happening Promotions for all of your promotional merchandise.

Ensure your business blossoms with the Seeded Paper Packet. The completely customizable packet comes in 14 high definition colors with instructions for planting on the reverse side. Share your company’s name and showcase its Spring initiative with this item.

Spring into action this rainy season and give your company’s support system the  UnbelievaBrella™ Reverse Umbrella. Giving out this item will let your brand illustrate its ability to anticipate the needs of its customers as well as its ability to serve as a problem solver in future business situations. Weighing less than 2 pounds, the UnbelievaBrella™ Reverse Umbrella is ideal for any Spring day.

With the temperature rising, your company’s sales should be as well. The 10″ Flexible Flyer Disc is the perfect item to capitalize on the warmer weather. Eco- friendly and water proof, this item is perfect for a day at the beach or a trip to a local park. And every time it’s used, your company’s logo will fly into the eyesight of more possible clients.

March into more business with the Turkish Signature Colored Workout Towel. Perfect for coming inside on rainy day or after a tough workout, these cotton based 100% velor towels offer a soft solution to the harshness found in most other gym towels. Imprint your brand logo to exhibit your company’s support for those who work hard in and out of the office.

Spring showers can make clear skies feel light years away. Give out the Clear Drawstring Backpack to bring some sunshine back into the lives of your business’s family. Did they forget their umbrella? The Drawstring closeable bag will keep peoples personal items safe and dry even in the strong Spring storm. Pick any of the 5 colors offered to boost your business this rainy season.

Help all of your customers to Sing in the Rain this March with the Adult Poncho. This one size fits all product with a fully customizable front is the equivalent of a walking billboard. Protect your employees and clients alike when your company distributes the Adult Poncho.

Your company can’t control the weather, but with What’s Happening Promotions your brand can turn those rainy days into a thunderstorm of new business.

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