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Items We Heart – Part 1


By WHP   •   January 9, 2018

Remind staff and residents alike why they fell in love with your company by using What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. This Valentine’s Day increase your business with a gift that will leave its recipients head over heels.

It may not be Romeo and Juliet but our Love Sunglasses will make both employees and residents believe in love at first sight. These heart framed glasses and matching travel case are a year-long fashion statement. With the option to customize both parts of this pair, your company is sure to attract a few new admirers.

Skip the roses and gift your residents and staff members with the seeds to build their own garden. The Mini Heart Style 4 Shape Seed Paper Gift Pack will leave your business blossoming. This green gift is made with 100% recycled material and comes in over 20 different colors. Formatted like a signature Valentine’s Day card, this Seed Paper Gift Pack is filled with wildflowers.

Make sure your staff and residents stick with your business throughout the year by gifting them Heart Shaped Adhesive Notes. The perfect addition to any desk or backpack, these sticky notes add a little love to even the smallest message. An added bonus is that everytime a new note is used, the user will be reminded of how much they love your business.

Coolie on up to your staff and residents this Valentine’s Day with the Heart Coolie. The foam insulated coolie can fit can and bottles and it’s perfect for a game day or outdoor event. With its heart shaped exterior and the ability to print on all sides, it’s easy to see why people love it.

With the year just starting, your company is in the puppy love stage with both its residents and employees. Help turn this crush into something a little more serious with some promotional gifts fit for anybody’s pup.

Give a gift that will leave people coming back to your business as fast as a dog comes back during fetch. Give the Pet Fetch Toy Tennis Ball and win over the hearts of both staff and residents. The fact that this gift comes in 9 customizable colors just adds to the fun.

Looking for something more wearable? Give your resident dogs a Big Doggy Bandana or Lil’ Doggy Bandana. The fun bright colors and resizable neck make it a shoe in for any doggy’s day out. The best part of this promotional item is that everytime someone checks out the bandana, your brand gets noticed.

A good business, like food, is made with love. Show your residents and staff that your business is as sweet as a home cooked meal with a promotional gift to help them in the kitchen.

Your brand will get a little pizza of each staff or tenants heart everytime they use the  Pizza Cutter With Bottle Opener. This multi-use tool is great for a pizza night or a night on the town. The customizable handle and portable size means it will be a hit among any demographic.

Let your company’s staff and residents know how you peel about them with the Plastic Peeler. Good for both fruit and vegetables this stainless steel kitchen gadget is budget friendly and a huge crowd pleaser.

On the market for a universal promotional cooking item? This Cooking Set won’t disappoint. With the option to brand 4 colors, this three piece cooking set is perfect for any meal. What’s more, the entire set is dishwasher friendly and it comes with a special built in stand to keep countertops clean.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing appreciation for those you love. By using What’s Happening Promotions, your business will be able to show both its staff and residents how much it appreciates them.

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