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Move Ins Unboxed



By WHP   •   August 20, 2018

Keep on turning heads this Move Ins and Turn Season with the help of What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. You can never go wrong leasing a little move-in love to your newest residents by providing promo items that they’ll use for years to come! 

Give your new residents a helping hand cooking their first meal in their new home with this Cooking Utensil Set! This set features a spatula, pasta server and serving spoon which all come in a mesh bag to keep them all together. All utensils are made from heat resistant nylon with a built in stand to keep resident’s counters mess free!

Have your resident’s take you with them everyday with this Neoprene Wrist Strap Key Holder! Not only will they always be able to find their key but you’ll be getting your brand out there. So what are you waiting for? Hand them their house keys on this keychain today!

Give a welcome gift that keeps on giving by handing out these Custom Coolie Collapsible Beverage Insulator! A hot drink and a water covered hand is less than savory on a warm day. So keep your residents happy and your brand happier with an item you can never go wrong with!


Help make future shopping trips easy and green with these reusable Grocery Totes. They’re strong and durable, so they should last your new residents for years to come!

The Sonomo Wine Opener is the perfect move-in gift for residents over the age of 21. It has a sturdy corkscrew, lever and a durable blade to slice through stubborn foils. They will never have to dread opening a wine bottle ever again!

To ensure your new residents have the most important information available in a pinch, give out these handy Fridge Magnets! This item is full color so your design options are limitless! You can include your own custom art, emergency maintenance number, office number, and more.

Have you ever had to roll up a chip bag and pray they don’t spill or go stale? I’m pretty sure it is safe to say that this has happened to all of us at least once. Everyone can use a handy Alligator Clip! These are a versatile item that can be used on opened food, pet treat bags, as fridge magnets, and so much more!


Comfort Colors brand Tshirts are all the rage with college-aged students and who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? WHP’s design team can create a t-shirt that all of your new residents will love and wear. Already have a design you like? Just send it on over to us a we can turn your dream tees into reality!

Showing appreciation is a trendy that will never get old in any industry. By using What’s Happening Promotions, your property will be sure to show any resident, new or seasoned, how much you appreciate them.

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