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New Year, New You Gift Guide

Welcome your employees and residents back from the holiday break with promotional merchandise that will help them achieve their new year resolutions. What’s Happening Promotions has the perfect product guide to ensure your business is ready to rock the new year.


The ball may have dropped in Times Square but for your employees and staff, it’s time to get the ball rolling. A good accessory can add benefits to anyone’s day. Let your business capitalize on this idea by providing efficient accessories that will also promote your company.

Keep your company front and center on all of your employees and residents journeys this year with the Hipster Deluxe Fanny Pack. This wearable accessory is perfect for a large group because of its one-size-fits-all compatibility as well as the fact that it’s unisex. With these stylish packs coming back in fashion, it is sure to be glued to the hip of everyone who gets one.

Looking for a promotional accessory that will leave people feeling refreshed? The Value Sports Bottle is the perfect fit for just about any activity, indoor or out. The dishwasher safe material and wide variety of colors make this an easy choice for both residents and employees. Regardless of what their new year’s resolution is, this bottle is sure to tag along.

With temperatures dropping almost as fast as the ball did, flu season is in full swing. Show both your staff and tenants that your company cares by giving out Spray Pen Hand Sanitizers as a welcome back gift. The pen-size carrier will have no trouble fitting in any purse, backpack or pocket to ensure your company’s name is spread around town faster than any germs could.


With gym membership rates skyrocketing after the new year, why not let your business capitalize on this popular resolution? Promotional merchandise targeting fitness is perfect for showing that your company cares about more than just business. These gifts show that your company cares about each employee and resident.

Help your staff and residents carry the weight of the new year with the Budget Barrel Duffel Bag. This slick travel bag can carry up to 11lbs which means it can also double as a great carry on for travel. A good gym bag is hard to find, and because of this, renters and employees alike will be ecstatic to receive this duffle.

Long after sweater weather your company will help residents and employees alike clean up after a long work out with a promotional Xpress Fitness Towel. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the gym or enjoying the outdoors, your company’s colorful name or logo will pop on this white towel.

For those businesses looking to target a specific area of fitness, the On-The-Go Yoga Mat is perfect for the inner yogi in everyone. This travel ready exercise mat will transform any fitness studio into an advertisement for your company that will leave everyone wanting more.


With the holiday season over, a lot of people are ready to hit the ground running. Let your business help them get a head start by giving them a promotional gift that works into their busy schedule.

Daylight savings time isn’t over yet and that means it is probably dark outside by the time staff is off of work or residents are returning home. Show both groups how much your business values them by giving them a promotional Clip-On Safety Light to use. This battery inclusive gift is perfect for cyclist and joggers alike.

For those businesses looking to be a part of their employees and residents year each step of the way the Tap N’ Read Fitness Tracker Pedometer Watch is the ideal promotional gift. Every time a tenant or staff member checks their daily steps, they’ll be reminded of your company’s dedication to customer service and reliability.

Looking for a more extravagant version? Try the Activity Tracker Wristband. This band not only tracks the user’s steps but, also tracks their calories and sleep as well. Merchandise this nice is sure to put some pep in their step, especially since they’ll now know exactly how many steps they’re taking.

A new year means a fresh start. Let What’s Happening Promotions start your business on the right track for rest of 2018 through the use of promotional merchandise.

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