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Singin’ In The Rain


By WHP   •   April 24, 2018

Keep your residence and employees dry this wet season by using What’s Happening Promotions merchandise. Increase your business with a gift that will leave its recipients happy to use all throughout the year!

Our 46″ Arc Clear Umbrella offers increased visibility for your brand and increased visibility for your clients – a clear winner!

Each of these keychains hides a disposable poncho that will keep them dry in a pinch. Your clients will know you’ve got their back!

Be prepared for rainy skies and beach trips alike with this Waterproof Phone Pouch, compatible with most smartphones (including iPhones).

This Waterproof Storage/ID case is ideal for protecting valuables on drizzly days – and with its convenient lanyard and secure latch enclosure, it’s a perfect companion for all kinds of adventures!

Whether your resident is going to school or hitting the gym, the Polyester Waterproof Drawstring Backpack will keep their things dry regardless of the weather!

Inclement weather is no match for these stylish windbreakers. With two layers of waterproofing and your logo proudly displayed, rainy days won’t know what hit ‘em!

Show your customers and employees how much you appreciate them by using What’s Happening Promotions. Not only will your business thank you, it will keep all your customers happy and dry.

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