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Slam Dunk on Your Competitors!


By WHP   •   February 19, 2018

Show your companies community that you’re ready to take on this year’s March Madness with the help of some What’s Happening Promotions merchandise.

Beat the buzzer every time when your company gives give out the BasketBall Bottle Opener. The Basketball shape and coloring make this product hard to ignore. An added bonus, the magnet on the back, means your brand can be front and center year round.

Just like the players on the court, your business communities members need help for muscle pain as well. By giving out the Basketball Hot/Cold Pack, your brand is reinforcing its reliability and strength in and out of the office. More than that though, by giving out this gift your business shows that it cares.

Looking for a way to help organize the hectic basketball season without doing a million internet searches? The Schedule Basketball Magnet is perfect for keeping track of games your companies favorite team is playing in. For those looking to attract a student demographic, this is a great way to show that your property has school spirit.

Expand your businesses reach outdoors this spring with the Basketball Flexible Flyer. The games may be on the screen but this item will have people running outside. The folding flyer with basketball themed stock art lets your brand be on trend while supporting an outdoor initiative. And think, everywhere this merchandise flies so does your businesses name.

Customers are bound to “Make Some Noise” for your company when you give them an Inflatable Noisemaker Stick. This brightly colored, completely customizable comes in 5 eye popping colors that are bound to get your brand attention. Whether it’s for College basketball games or an NBA match, this promotional gift is a slam dunk.

Who says Cow Bells can’t be cool? The Classic Cowbell is a great way to make this farming staple a basketball fans dream. With old trends making a comeback, this gift will have your community head over heels. The completely customizable gift can fit an entire logo or brand name which allows for a lot of creativity and out of the box thinking.

Just because that games on inside doesn’t mean the drinks will stay cold. By giving out the Sleeveless Bottle Jersey, your company is helping its clientele during and after the basketball season. March is the perfect time to utilize the brand power of a coolie. The insulated beverage holder is perfect for Spring games and even better for the summer heat that’s to come.

Reviews are one thing, but by giving out a promotional 16″ Foam #1 Gripper Hand everyone will know that your brand is #1. With 13 customizable colors and thousands of print options this is an all-star move for your business. And when they’re not using this gift to show spirit, it makes a great wall decoration to boost your brand to any visitors they may have.

March is stressful, you’re about to hit spring but still dealing with some winter weather. Help your businesses support system relax by giving out the Basketball Stress Reliever. This pocket sized relaxation method is great for dealing with a loss on the court or just a stressful day in the office. By adding your company’s name and logo on the item, customers will understand how much your business values them.

Get your company ready to take the court and win more business with the use of What’s Happening Promotions this March Madness.

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