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The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide

Maintain and grow your brand loyalty this holiday season by giving the gift of promotional merchandise to your employees or residents. Get ready to light your menorah, decorate your christmas tree, celebrate Kwanzaa, enjoy boxing day and celebrate the new year with an fun idea from What’s Happening Promotions.


The only thing worse than no hot chocolate is cold hot chocolate. Use this colder weather to take advantage of a variety of warming mugs and drink accessories. A great option is the 22 oz. Nepal Stainless Steel Tumbler. This Tumblr is perfect because it can be used for both warm and cold beverages and with it’s sealable lid it becomes the perfect travel accessory. Your company’s logo will be front and center while the user takes this tumblr on all of their travels.

For those of you in a warmer climate, don’t worry. Your residents and employees will love the What’s Happening Promotions, Comfort Grip Cup Sleeve. Reasonably priced and usable year round, this sleeve can go from campfire to tailgate and still be usable. Let your brand become apart of your users everyday activities without the extra hassle that big marketing ploys carry. An added benefit, this product can come in almost every color.

And for the people who love technology and a nice warm apple cider, the USB Mug Warmer is the perfect take home gift. Residents and employees can attach this to their personal or work computers and retain brand loyalty year round. College students can even use the mug warmer as a fun new way to make ramen without a microwave.


If your company is looking for something more warm and fuzzy, why not try something that is exactly that? What’s Happening Promotions offers a wide variety of items that cater to the warm and fuzzy feelings of holiday season.

Show your brands dedication to staff and resident loyalty by gifting everyone a Econo Fleece Blanket. These lightweight but warm throws are perfect for a cold day in the office or running through an airport. This gift will not only show your residents how much your company cares but their families as well.

Looking to give residents and employees that same warm fuzzy feeling but, on a tighter budget? Try a Knit Scarf. Wearable, unisex and machine washable, giving this gift is similar to is hanging up flyers all over the globe. The comfortable blend of materials will make this scarf a shoe in for any winter outfit and will showcase your brand each time it’s worn.

Possibly What’s Happening Promotions most popular item come the holiday season is the Tri-Tone Striped Pom Beanie With Cuff. This adorable fashion statement is sure to make the Instagram or Facebook of anyone who wears it. Giving a gift as light hearted and usable as this one sets the tone for your company year round. Nothing says fun and festive quite like a pom pom on your head.


Leave a good taste in the mouths of your business family by giving them a treat this winter season.

Gifts like the Caramel and Swirl Popcorn & Pretzels Gift Set could put a smile on even the biggest Grinch’s face. Don’t worry about this gifts lasting ability either, once the popcorn is gone, the bin can be used year round. The faux leather and non woven fabric material in the bin are perfect for storing items regardless of the season.

Looking for a gift that will help relax and recharge your company’s employees for the new year? What’s Happening Promotions Tazo Tea Temptations does just that. The blend of different flavors and spices will help any tenant or staff member to prepare of the stress that a new year brings. The individually wrapped packages also make this gift perfect for sharing.

You don’t have to spend a lot to give a sweet snowy treat. The Quart Tin With Mints, Chocolates, Truffles, Cookies, Gum, or Nuts offer a low cost solution to the gift giving dilemma. Your company is even able to specify which treat fills the tin. The options range from everything from jelly beans to peanut crunch squares. The sealable container ensures that this yummy snack won’t leave ants in your tenant’s apartment either, which is always an added bonus.


Not keen on giving a holiday specific gift but, still want to show gratitude to your employees and tenants? Try a promotional gift that centers around the upcoming new year.

Items like the Subli-Cotton Premium Terry Velour Fitness Towel are perfect because they go hand and hand with the most common new year’s resolution, getting in better shape. Show your company is involved in helping residents and staff succeed at their goals by giving them an accessory that will accompany them on their fitness journey.

Flu season is just ending and what better way to help keep your work environment clean than hand sanitizer. Try the 1/2 Oz. Cozy Clip Hand Sanitizer. The size fits perfectly in any backpack or purse, which guarantees it will be the best go to accessory for your student tenants as they prepare for the upcoming semester.

For those businesses looking to give a practical and cost efficient gift the Medical Kit – X-Large First Aid Kit is ideal. The size is perfect to fit under any desk or in any car for travel back and forth from the office. And, for your student renters, this helpful gift won’t take up too much space in their apartment. The First Aid Kit is also a shoe in to win over any parent. Show not only your tenants that your property cares but their families as well.

The winter season is the time of giving. Let What’s Happening Promotions help your business be a part of that celebration with our promotional gifts. Whether it is your staff, your tenants or both, giving the gift of a promotional item means building a stronger brand for many holiday seasons to come.


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