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Vacation Giveaway


By WHP   •   July 26, 2018

Spice up your residents next vacay with giveaway items that they’ll love by using What’s Happening Promotion merchandise! Increase your business this summer with a gift that keeps on giving all summer long!

Keep belongings dry and sand free with a Beach-Nik! These sit firmly in the sand and can hold drinks, keys, phones, or even a wallet.

Never worry about voltage or plug ins while traveling again! The Gemini Travel Adapter works in 150 countries and ensures your devices can be charged no matter where you’ve traveled.

Avoid neck and back strain during long plane or car rides with a Neck & Back Pillow. The polyester fabric is filled with microbeads for the ultimate, shapeable comfort.

This one-size fits all nylon Economy Waist Pack is the perfect travel companion! So you can keep your cell phone and wallet close to you while you’re out and about without the hassle of carrying around a bag.

Staying organized while traveling can be difficult, but the Ridge Capistrano Tech Set makes it easy! Keep your headphones, chargers, and AC adapters in one place with this handy case.

Tired of pulling out a tangled mess when you need your headphones? The Tech Taco is the perfect solution to keeping your cords bundled and chaos free!

Hot coffee is best when when it actually stays hot! The Odin Vacuum Insulated Tumbler keeps drinks hot for over 2.5 hours, which is a necessity while traveling!

Packing for your next trip to the pool sundeck is easy with the stylish canvas Resort Jute Tote! These super cute totes are available in black, white, blue or brown to fit with any personal style choices.

Summer is meant to be the season of fun in the sun no matter your location! By using What’s Happening Promotions, your business will be able to show residents just how much their next vacay matters to you and will keep them coming back for more.

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